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Editorial Policy

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Thank you for your interest in sharing your news with CEE Legal Matters. Below is an outline of what stories we cover, how we cover them, and our general editorial policies:

But first, some FAQs:

1. I made a request to change an article and was pointed to this link. Why?

First, thank you for reaching out with your request. Before anything else, it might be very useful to read point 4. under “Our Article Deletion/Modification Policy” to provide a lens through which to read everything else.

2. What are your commercial terms for covering news items?

None. We have always had, and always will have, a standing open call to anyone to submit their news items – irrespective of any commercial arrangement with our publication.

3. What do you consider news?

It’s defined in detail below but, broadly speaking, we cover concluded client matters and senior moves and appointments.

4. How can I submit a news item?

Simply drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

5. Do you require a formal press release?

No, we do not. It helps but basic details about news items are sufficient and we’ll follow up if we need additional information.

CEE Legal Matters' Mission:

We have developed the below policy and are making it publicly available on our website as part of our drive to offer a comprehensive, objective, and timely coverage of the most important news in CEE’s legal markets.

  • In order to be comprehensive, there never has, nor will there ever be, any form of a commercial barrier to covering firms’ news. At the same time, we will always strive to identify all parties involved in a deal, and when we are unable to do so, we’ll inform our readers why.
  • In order to be objective, we developed over time a specific fact-focused writing style that often removes marketing-speak from press releases shared with us.
  • In order to be timely, we’ve set the 24-hour response policy outlined below.
CEE Legal Matters Website News Coverage Focuses on:

1. Concluded client matters (deals, disputes, and general advisory work)

  • There is no minimum deal value for us to report on a deal
  • Clients *must* be identified by name

2. Partner or Head of Practice Promotions or Lateral Hires

3. On rare occasions, other matters we deem to be of extraordinary significance

4. Note: We *do not* cover as news:

a. Awards or rankings;

b. Events

How to Share Your News:

1. We welcome both formal press releases and other less formal summaries informing us of relevant news.

2. News can be sent to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

3. While we do our best to process releases in other languages, we greatly appreciate English language notifications. If one is not available, we may follow up for clarifications/details.

4. We greatly appreciate readers informing us of developments of significance that do not relate to their firms directly. Such news can be sent to us via the email address above or, if you deem it to be particularly sensitive, to one of our editors directly. Please note that sources will not be identified without their express permission and that we will obtain formal confirmation of any such information from appropriate individuals prior to publishing. 

CEE Legal Matters News Coverage Methodology:

1. We *do not* simply publish firm press releases — rather, we write our own articles using the information provided and our own research, using publicly available information.

2. Once we receive an update or a press release, we may follow up with a request for further information. Common requests include:

- Potential clarifications related to specific details of a deal;

- Where applicable, what other firms were involved on a matter;

- Details related to the composition of your team advising on a deal.

3. We *always* reach out to the other firms involved and request a confirmation of their involvement and the composition of their team.

4. When we publish the story, we aim to identify – in the headline – all firms that have confirmed their involvement if space allows for it. We prioritize identifying the firm which first notifies us of a deal, in both the headline and lead paragraph. Those firms that were involved in a matter (according to outside sources) but do not expressly confirm their involvement are always listed last, as “reportedly” having worked on the matter.

5. We *do not* qualify firms’ roles on a deal, either explicitly or implicitly, by, for example, listing lead counsel first.

6. Our headlines only include those firms for which we have confirmation of their having advised on the relevant deal.

7. If a team composition is available, we report it by listing the lawyers in order of seniority.

Our 24-Hour Response Policy:

1. Because we are a news agency, we endeavor to move quickly on publishing developments. 

2. If a request for additional details generates no response within 24 hours, we will include a note in our article that the firm did not respond to our request. Similarly, if a firm declines to provide additional information, we will inform our readers of that, along with any explanation provided.

3. If our request for confirmation that a firm was involved in a deal generates no response within 24 hours, we will not include that firm in the article headline. If the firm responds at a later date, we may update the story itself – though not the headline or the lead paragraph – through an editorial note. 

Our Article Deletion/Modification Policy:

1. We *cannot* delete published articles that were based on press releases.

2. We do not make changes to our articles unless factual errors are found within them. If there is a factual error, we will update the body of the article and highlight the initial error in an editorial note. 

3. We welcome information about a particular story, whether it be information about factual errors or information about details that were not included in the original article (such as information about additional firms involved). Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or either of the two addresses provided below. 

4. PLEASE NOTE: All the above is developed as part of our Mission. If a news item that you shared with us reads differently than what you expected, the above almost certainly includes an explanation as to why that may be the case. We ask that all those who benefit from the free visibility that the work of our writing team provides internalize and respect our Editorial Policy. Requests or demands – however polite or unnecessarily aggressive – to alter our articles for reasons other than factual errors will be promptly pointed to this Editorial Policy, with subsequent requests on the same matter ignored.

If you have any questions related to these policies, please feel free to reach out to either of our editors:

Radu Cotarcea – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Radu Neag – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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